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The Best Real Estate Agent!
I have sold a number of properties, but David is a cut above the rest. He is extremely knowledgeable about every facet of the real estate process, whether you are selling or buying. In our case, he assisted us in selling our rental. As soon as the house was listed, we immediately had a buyer and back up offers because the house was listed at the right price. In addition, prior to the listing going live, he provided invaluable input on what needed to get renovated or repaired. His input was spot on. I would strongly recommend David to anyone looking to sell or buy a home.  Frank Meza – San Diego

You Guys Rock!
Dear David and Navid, Thank you for everything you did for me. I truly appreciate every second of your time and kindness walking me through every step of the buying process. It was my first experience and you both made it awesome. I am very happy and I want you guys to know you are the reason for that.  Parya Jafari – San Diego

We used David as our Buyers Agent.
He was very organized and communicative from start to finish; it was easy to get ahold of him when we had questions and our calls and emails were always promptly acknowledged and answered with a wealth of information. Meetings were easy to schedule and he was always on time and ready to work. His frequent updates throughout escrow kept us well-informed of our progress. We would definitely use him again and we would not hesitate recommending him to our friends and family. 
Alex & Christine – Rancho Penasquitos

David and His Team are Seasoned Professionals!
So fortunate to have been referred to David Crowell in the selling and buying of my homes. His knowledge and expertise was key in securing the sale of my most recent residence.  If not for his tenacity and experience, I would not have been able to secure both the price and property.  David and his team went beyond my expectations as a Realtor.   Not just in the buying and selling transactions but also in all matters concerning any legal concerns, securing moving services and in assisting me through the high amount of paperwork.   David is highly recommended and has proven to be a true professional in all aspects. I will definitely use him again.   Russell Farkas – San Diego

There is ONLY one agent we will look for, that is David Crowell!
We were referred by our friend who recently purchased a house with David's help because of his professionalism and hardworking spirit. Actually this is our first time visiting San Diego. David spent half the day with us for a private tour in the areas which we are considering. During the tour, David not only gave us the facts of the current property market in SD, but also gave his opinion for which type of the property we should purchase for our investing purpose. After we picked the house which we were interested, we had to come back to NY. So we started our long distance communication for the process of purchasing this home. You can picture how difficult it is. Not only the distance, but also all the paper work, all the parties involved, loan officer, insurance company, seller's broker, escrow company, etc… But David made this transaction so smoothly and without any delay. We even bothered him on the weekend but we never got any delay for his quick response. It is just amazing how knowledgeable David is on the local property market and how excellent his service was the entire transaction. Without David, we couldn’t have bought the property in such short of time with zero troubles! If we are going to purchase another property or if any of my friends would like to find a property in SD, there is ONLY one agent we will look for, that is David Crowell!  George & Becky Yu – 4S Ranch

David Helped Us Buy Our First Home
I’m glad I met David and made the right decision of choosing him to be our real estate agent. He is very professional, trustworthy and always looks out for our best interest. I will recommend David to all our friends and family.  Jonas & Mildred - Escondido, CA

Superior Real Estate Team!
David, Navid, and Jeannette were exceptional to work with. This was our first home purchase and they made the process extremely comfortable.  We knew we were in good hands when they showed us around the neighborhoods and the properties that fit our needs.  We were so nervous when we finally found the perfect home.  They negotiated and beat out multiple offers without driving the price out of our affordability.  The best part about working with them was that they simply communicate with you and give great advice during the entire process.  We highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home!  Parisa & Masoud – Sabre Springs

David Crowell is a Caring and Energetic Real Estate Professional.
With his finger on the pulse of the real estate market…David’s marketing approach and methods were a perfect fit for selling our house.  In addition to his systematic marketing approach, David brings a genuine likable caring personality to the table.  This allowed David to be extremely effective in negotiating and dealing with other agents and parties involved (inspections, lenders, escrow, etc.) in the transaction process resulting in the quick sale of our house.  From preparing and marketing our house, through the negotiations, and the endless escrow documentation David was there for us.  Through this entire process, David took the time to listen and provide answers to our numerous questions and solutions to issues that arose.  David was focused on making this process understandable and comfortable for us.  Day or Night, David was there to provide guidance, assurance and answers to us.  David was patient and listened to our every concern.  David cared about us, his clients.  This caring approach for his clients needs is just one of the many attributes that sets David apart from all the other real estate agents.  I would highly recommend David to anyone needing assistance with real estate needs.  David will help you. 
Brian & Myrna – Rancho Penasquitos

David Crowell delivers what he promises!
David helped us sell our home quickly and over asking price. He was professional and personable in his approach to every aspect of the sale. David’s knowledge of the market provided valuable insight to stage our home to be ready to sell. After one open house we had multiple offers, and within four days were in escrow for over the top end of our range. David’s knowledge and professionalism did not stop there; he monitored the transaction from start to finish often anticipating issues before they arose. The close of escrow did not mean the end to our relationship; he continued to help during our rent back after the sale. We were extremely satisfied and highly recommend him. If looking to sell (or buy) a home in San Diego he’s your realtor! 
Jeff & Marnie White – Rancho Penasquitos 

Dreams Do Come True!
Last year our family made the decision to finally upgrade our home and try to move to the highly sought after 4S Ranch area to be closer to friends and kids’ activities.  The decision itself was the easy part, making it happen however faced three major obstacles.  1) We had an investment property that we bought at the top of the market in 2005 and needed to be sold at the high end of the value range to salvage some equity needed for our down payment. 2) We needed to remove the contingency that our primary residence represented and sell it in a shortest amount of time while maximizing the selling price and giving us the flexibility to rent back until we find our new home. 3) Find and successfully close on a home that met our criteria in the hypercompetitive market of 4S Ranch where buyers typically engage in bidding wars and it is not unusual for sellers to receive ~8 offers.

This was a very complex series of transactions with narrow timelines that needed an incredibly experienced Realtor to orchestrate.  From what we have learned, there are only a small percentage of Realtors that could produce the exceptional results we experienced. To get the details on our story, we highly encourage you to talk to David and let him tell you how he made our dream come true.
Lovasz Family – 4S Ranch, San Diego

Best Agent we’ve ever had!
It’s not our first time working with agents, but it’s the first time that we were impressed. We had bought, sold, and worked with agents before. I could tell that some agents only care about closing the transaction and then the commission, instead of speaking for you. In David, there are merits more than being professional, say integrity. He did not only help us to purchase a property, but to own a home. From the beginning to the end, he was very knowledgeable, reliable and helpful. When people recommended us agents, we just showed a smile. But if someone recommends you David, take it seriously. We recommend David to our friends, and would like to introduce him to more buyers/sellers.  Will & Yoyo - Rancho Penasquitos

David really cares about his client’s needs!
They say you should never mix business and friendship, but we have not found that to be an issue in our relationship with David Crowell. We met him through our church connections a few years ago and knew from the beginning that his work ethics, communication skills, and integrity in all that he does was stellar! This was the second time that we've used David in our real estate transactions...once to sell our home and most recently to buy our retirement home. Both times we found him to be professional, knowledgeable, quick to set appointments, and always thinking ahead on documents or paperwork that might/would be required so there was never any holdups on his end. Any advice he gave us was worth considering/taking. We are very happy with our new home and all I can say is..."thanks so much, David!" It was a pleasure to work with David and his team and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking an agent with these characteristics and who really cares about your individual needs.  Ken & Linda Hudson – Rancho Bernardo

David and his team were awesome!
David has the best skill sets as a real estate professional, from lease termination, property inspection/repair, property listing, offer negotiation, to escrow close. His response to any of our questions was always very prompt. He always put his clients’ interest as the first priority. He never recommended any unnecessary upgrades. This doesn’t happen often as lot agents asked their clients to do many unnecessary upgrades so they can sell the properties in an easy way. He helped us to negotiate with the buy agent so we were able to do very minimum repairs (less than $100?). We strongly recommend David and his team. Thanks, David, for the big help! 
James Shay - San Diego

We were so fortunate to have found the services of David Crowell.
As our Realtor, he helped us find the right house in the right neighborhood for the right price. He was patient as we looked at many, many different homes over several months. We never felt pressured to make a quick decision. In short, he was always on our side working to make our house purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with David was that he was always more focused on answering our questions and giving us good advice than he was on closing a deal. We would recommend him to anyone. Kathie & Pete Tilton – San Diego, CA

David is a well-seasoned and energetic real estate professional!
As first-time home buyers, my husband and I were grateful to be working with a realtor who would walk us through the process, answer our questions, and be patient with us as we searched for the perfect home. David is a tactful negotiator and with his expertise and guidance he was able to secure us our ideal home. He also has great connections in the industry and was able to refer us to an incredible loan officer and contractors for our home.  Bell Family – San Carlos, CA

We Hire David to get Exceptional Results!
This was our second real estate transaction in 6 months with David at the helm and this time the stakes were even higher.  We already found a new home that was contingent on us selling our current residence so we asked David to deliver the near impossible.  We needed to fix up, stage and put our house on the market within a week, attract and negotiate a higher than market value price for the house and close the transaction under 30 days so we can remove the contingency on our new home purchase.  In situations like this when you especially want someone like David represent you.  Besides being extremely professional, David brings a proven systematic approach and a genuine likeable personality that allows him to be extremely effective negotiating with other agents and parties involved (mortgage, escrow, inspection, etc…) in getting the transaction done on time and with the highest possible financial return for his client.   Thank you David for the job well done and look forward you helping us close the new home in 4S Ranch!   Lovasz Family – San Diego, CA

My experience with David Crowell was nothing but pleasant from start to finish.
I was a "For Sale By Owner" idealist. I listed my home on Zillow and much to my dismay, immediately began to field calls from listing agents. I became very frustrated quickly. Most of them were rude and aggressive, and after a few days of this, I too became rude and began to just hang up when I found out they were listing agents and not interested buyers. I received a call from David Crowell and his professionalism and helpful approach made me trust him from the beginning. I must admit I was a bit of a skeptic, but this was a man I wanted to listen to, and he wanted to listen to me.  David was so helpful and patient, that he won me over by just being there for me, whether or not he got the listing, he offered to help in any way he could. Many of the agents I had contact me could learn many lessons from David Crowell. I highly recommend him to anyone needing any help with their real estate needs.  Judy Madtson, Carmel Valley, CA

David SOLD My Home In 1 Day For More Than I Expected!
David was referred to me by a friend who used David on two of his property transactions. He said he was professional and trustworthy. That was an understatement. Not only did he advise me on how to prepare the home, he showed me a detailed marketing plan on what he was going to do that gets him better results than the typical Realtor. Not only did I get a higher price than the comparable properties, I was able to get the transaction closed in under 30 days. I was out of town during the majority of the transaction and David went above the call of duty to handle some of the request for repairs. He gave me excellent guidance and was always responsive. I am so grateful and could not have pictured a smoother outcome. Randy Wong – Santee, CA

Buying or selling, David will Deliver and Close the Deal For You!
David has been a great agent to team up with since my first real estate purchase and through my last home selling activity. His professional business experience, 3D strategic approach, superb negotiation skills and market/economy analysis, extensive networking inside & outside the industry, targeting timeline, behind the scene efforts, organized tools and punctual timely responses sets him apart from any other agent I know. Buying or selling, he will deliver and close the deal for you. I really enjoyed the emotional journey with David during my transaction, and appreciate his sincere attitude and caring as a true professional agent as well as a lifelong surf buddy. Much Aloha and Mahalo! – Todd F – Vista / Hawaii

David Keeps Your Best Interest In Mind!
This is the second time I have had the chance to utilize David's strong abilities to buy/sell property. First I used him to sell my place and just recently he helped me get into a new place. I have already recommended him to a few of my friends and even my parents which should say something! He is always professional, keeps your best interests in mind, is always responsive (even when he was in Hawaii!!) and really makes the process as painless as possible. Many thanks and high recommendations.  – Mike A – Escondido, CA

David is An Indispensable Asset to His Organization!
I have been dealing with real estate for over 50 years and never had I met an agent like David. Not only was he knowledgeable of the area, he was always there to guide and assist me in any way that benefit me, not that I needed any. What stood out the most was his HONESTY and that impressed me totally to trust him and I did. David is an indispensable asset to his organization.  Larry S – San Diego

If you need a real estate agent in San Diego, you can’t do better than David!
My wife, two kids and I recently relocated from Saint Louis to San Diego.  In addition to starting a new job, moving the family and putting the kids in new schools, we had to sell our home in Saint Louis and purchase a home in San Diego.  We were fortunate enough to be referred to David Crowell by close friends of ours who had recently moved to San Diego.
David went above and beyond in every aspect of our move.  In addition to handling all of the details on the San Diego side, he helped us identify a suitable agent in Saint Louis to sell our home there.  He didn’t just provide generic recommendations, he actually interviewed the three agents that we were considering and helped us pick the one that would work best for us.
Once we were in San Diego, David spent a great deal of time educating us on the local market.  He took care to talk to us extensively to understand the factors that were most important to us.  He happily spent many hours driving us around different neighborhoods so that we could get a good feel for different areas around the city.  
My wife and I are extremely picky and we looked at several houses over multiple months.  We never felt that David was frustrated with our search or any pressure to make a decision before we were ready.
Once we were ready to buy, David’s skills really kicked into high gear.  He truly understands the market and has very good connections in the San Diego real estate community.
The neighborhood that we eventually targeted was very competitive.  Most homes sold the first weekend that they were listed for more than the asking price.   David was able to help us negotiate an excellent deal and get it accepted before other buyers had the opportunity to bump up the price.  In fact, at least one offer came-in after we had a signed deal with the seller for more than we offered.
This is our fourth home purchase and for many of the agents we have dealt with in the past, the signed offer marks the end of their service.  This is not the case with David, he was very helpful in all aspects relating to the purchase from recommending excellent inspectors to helping us negotiate on repairs to the property.  He went so far as to help the seller remove items from the attic of the house because he knew it was important to us.
I can’t say enough good things about our experience with David.  He is a true professional with the utmost integrity and a dedication to his clients.  He is more than our agent; he is a true friend who always looked out for our best interest.  If you need a real estate agent in San Diego, you can’t do better than David Crowell.  - Chris & Azita – Rancho Bernardo

David is a True Professional and I Recommend Him Highly!
I met David serendipitously while trawling the internet for real estate for our big move from Newcastle Australia to San Diego. Eventually we met face-to-face and I felt completely at ease knowing we had made the right choice for the person who was going to help us find our new home. David rearranged his schedule to show us houses as we were on a tight time frame trying to find a home before heading back to Australia to close things out down there. He drove my family around to numerous properties and when we decided on 'the one' his negotiating skills were second to none. David is a true professional and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. In fact, we have done just that and he has also helped a number of our friends. I have no doubt that David Crowell would be the right choice for you too.  – Lisa C – Carmel Valley

David Delivers Results and Exceeds Expectations!
We had worked with other Realtors and can honestly say that David’s integrity, strategic approach to marketing, superb negotiating skills, extensive knowledge of all the ins and outs of the real estate business and his wide network of top industry professionals (mortgage, home improvement, escrow, ..etc) to assist puts him in a class of his own. As proven with our investment property in Torrey Highlands, selling and closing a real estate transition rarely goes without challenges and this is when you want a real pro on your side. David excels in successfully navigating grey areas and how to maximize the outcome for your benefit. With him on our side we felt that we didn’t just have an agent, but more of a trusted adviser who was there every step of the way. David’s track record of delivering results and exceeding expectations speaks for itself and we could not be happier with the outcome the sale.  – Peter L – Torrey Highlands

Beyond professional. 
Exceptionally involved/concerned in getting all aspects done in order to sell.  Best agent I have ever had to sell of my past 8 homes.  Too bad he is CA and not in Ohio to sell my other house.  Extremely impressed in his diligence in resolving contingencies and demands made by seller and in knowing the Law and differences between reasonable & unreasonable demands.  I could not have sold my home so fast if not working with David.  Thank you for giving "Real-estate Agent" such a great name!
- Russell F – Chula Vista

A True Professional And A Friend
David helped us find the perfect home!  We interviewed multiple realtors before we decided to go with David.  What he brought to the table was more than just realtor experience. Besides his real estate market and local knowledge, what really set him apart was his highly professional, organized and sincere approach to the need of our family.  He was candid, honest and patient with us as we relocated from Chicago to San Diego.  David's firsthand knowledge of remodeling homes was invaluable throughout the process of seeking the right 'fit' for the family.  In the end, his get-it-done attitude helped us secure a house in the 4S Ranch area which would have been difficult to go after without his sincere determination to find us our dream home.  Thank you David and team for all the help!  - Omar B – 4S Ranch

What a blessing.
Having never sold our home before, we were aware that if we trusted the wrong person with the transaction we could be in big long-term trouble. After taking bids and interviewing people, we decided to trust David Crowell. What a blessing...and what a relief...to have chosen the right realtor to do the job efficiently, smoothly and honestly. Our experience was all positives, so we highly recommend him and his expert team.  -Erica C - Carlsbad

David Does What He Says.
David approached me with a potential buyer. He'd heard we were just weeks away from putting our home on the market. He was kindly persistent and patient. He offered sound advice on how much to invest in fixing up our home, to prepare it for the sale. Once we were ready, he brought by the buyer and the home completed Escrow in a month. It was that easy! Our home never hit the MLS. Once we got started, he made the process go smoothly. David is a true professional, trustworthy and always available to answer any question and offer guidance. I would definitely recommend David and his team for any type of Real Estate transaction.  Rennie B – 4S Ranch

David is a Real Pro.
I was the Seller on an investment property that went on the market as a short sale negotiation with the lender. David has organized a team that went right to work on this transaction with him at the helm. The lender agreed on the Sales Price without even raising a question. David knows what the market would bear in that neighborhood and he priced it correct for a fast closing. Needless to say that for me this was a stressful sale, but David really was the buffer between any unpleasant things that were being asked for by the Lender. David found a Buyer immediately and it was a cash transaction. He told me the date it would close and without any delays it did close right when David said it would. He is not only a top rated Real Estate Agent, but he is professional with weekly updates, kind, knowledgeable, well spoken, and he was always available to take my phone calls. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others and he would be who I called for future Real Estate transactions.   - Barbara – North Park

Our Deepest Thanks.
I worked with David recently to purchase a short sale property. David is extremely knowledgeable about the short sale process and was the key person in helping us secure the deal. David knew both the correct offer price to make as well as the process needed to work with both the bank and the seller to close. The short sale process can be long, tedious and frustrating but David provided us with regular and frequent updates and navigated the complexities of the process perfectly. He knows how to get these deals done!  The end result is that we picked up a house in a hot market well below market value and this has enabled our son to own his first home. Our family will always be appreciative of the hard work that David did in our behalf. I have purchased many properties, over the years, and have worked with many real estate agents. I highly recommend David for his hard work, honesty, integrity and professionalism.  
- Randle Moyers – San Diego

Helping us through a tough time.
Due to some life changes, we had to move out of our home. David was a great listener and compassionate professional. He handled a very emotional situation and sold our home under some difficult circumstances. His communication skills is unmatched by any real estate professional I have ever dealt with. When I felt overwhelmed with the pressures of moving a 5 bedroom home full of stuff... He dropped everything he was doing to help us get our valuables moved into storage. I don't know how I could have made all this happen without his help!  -Leslie – Chula Vista

My wife and I needed help to short sale our home and our loan was owned by a very difficult mortgage company. We hired a real estate agent to try to short sale the house, but after a few month we seem to hit a wall. So, we took down the listing and just decided to wait for the bank to foreclose on the house. A year went by with no idea when the bank would foreclose on the home. I found David through the softball team him and I play on. He was very open to helping me to short sale the home. He clearly laid out a plan of action to get the home sold as quick as possible. Within 60 days, David was able to successfully close on the short sale of the house. David succeeded where the previous agent failed. David is an awesome real estate agent that knows his stuff and has a great team under him that help to get the job done right the first time. I would highly recommend David and his team. Again, AWESOME!  - Ben Lo - Tierrasanta

David knows the industry very well.
David was able to get multiple offers on my property! And he negotiated with the buyer’s agent so that I didn’t have to do any repairs on the home! I loved that!!! David is the first real estate agent that I have used that I will definitely use again and will recommend to anyone who asks!
 -Michael Duggan – Rancho Penasquitos

We could not have had a better agent helping us sell our home.
He was recommended by a neighbor who praised his success on selling family property.
He has the technical skill sets to meet the challenges that come up in every aspect of selling your home. And he's a loyal agent who stays focused on his clients and keeps them informed on what's happening along with choices of what to do.
We wouldn't hesitate to go with David again if the occasion rose. We made a good friend when David came into our lives. Thank you.    -Steve and Susan Omunson – Escondido

We could not have been happier with the service we received from our Realtor!
Dave Crowell was professional and knowledgeable in every aspect of the process, along with being a man of integrity, always keeping our best interest in mind. His advice on helping us prepare our home for showings was invaluable and because of that, the flow of realtors and prospective buyers was immediate and the negotiating time frame was amazingly soon after putting it on the market. The sale went quickly and smoothly and any glitches that arose, Dave was able to handle promptly and fairly. We feel that he went well above the normal line of duty in keeping us informed every step of the way and we thank him for his expert service. We definitely would use him again and do recommend him to anyone who is buying or selling a home, no matter what the circumstances...I'm confident that he will get the job done!   -Hudson Family - Rancho Penasquitos

David and his team were like no other!
After speaking to several local Realtors, an Attorney, and a CPA... David was the only one who provided prompt replies, precise answers, and accurate information.  We decided to use his team to sell our property and were very pleased with the professionalism and individual attention that we received.  We will definitely recommend David to all of our friends and family.    - Don and Sunny C - Carmel Valley

Thank you for your EXCELLENT real estate service! 
Your professionalism has never gone unnoticed or unappreciated.  Your marketing strategy and sales strategy were both very impressive too.  From start to finish, you never missed a beat.  I also truly appreciate the simple fact that you most always answered your phone when I called and you continually kept me updated throughout our transaction.  I have worked with many real estate salespersons/brokers over the years and you are by far the most responsive and thorough that I have ever seen!   You have set the bar for industry standards!   - C. Walker - Encinitas