Add More Space In Your Closet

 Is your clothes closet (or your teenager’s closet) a “hot mess”?  (See definition in left column.)  Try these ideas to make it more functional.

• First things first:  Empty out your closet and donate or consign everything you haven’t worn in the last two years. 
• Install closet organizing products available at stores such as Lowe’s and the Container Store.  Sales people can help you choose the right pieces.  Save time by inviting a friend to help!
• Neatly stack folded clothes on shelves using inexpensive shelf dividers (see stores above).  Stack no higher than 10 inches. 
• Hang scarves/belts/purses on shower curtain rings attached to a wooden hanger.
• Get piles of shoes off the floor.  Try an under-the-bed container.
• For a quick fix, buy a small dresser or a bookcase from a garage sale or thrift shop and put it inside your closet.